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pc蛋蛋 立足现在,展望未来,今日取得如此骄人成绩,对君发永旺人而言只不过是一个开始和动力,今后我公司将继续不断开拓、创新、与时俱进,把“更优质的产品,更优惠的价格,更完善的服务”带给广大客户,继续真诚与各大新老客户携手合作、共创辉煌。

Jun send aeon Beijing office furniture is a collection of professional design, development, production of office furniture in the integration of diversified enterprises, since its inception, has been committed to investment development, with many sets of advanced production equipment and a large number of high-quality professional management, production personnel and senior technical staff;Now has 3000 square meters of exhibition hall, are available for sale to the customers to visit.Products exquisite workmanship and unique craftsmanship, elegant generous, strict quality management system and high-quality and efficient after-sales service, make our products widely acclaimed in the broad customer praise highly and identity, the products sell well all over the country.
Our inspiration comes from harmony and beauty originates from the traditional and elegant taste of art, we never forget the unremitting pursuit of quality, our design inspiration from these elements, and through the exquisite skill will be a unique inspiration into our products。Our r&d center is not only for the development of new shape, material, color and continuous efforts, and in the way of the pursuit of beauty and quality excellence。Multiple elements of the aesthetic combination expresses the difference with fashion and elegant, on every product we got incisively and vividly.
The company products: professional production, sales, design business office furniture, high class, class chair, bookcase, desk, screen, sofa, table, chairs, steel seating, filing cabinets, insurance, and office furniture, dense ark professional scholastic furniture and other products.
Based on now, looking to the future, so proud achievements today, for your hair aeon people is just a start and the power, in the future we will continue exploration, innovation, advance with The Times, the "better products, better prices, more perfect service" to customers, continue to cooperate sincerely with all new and old customers, create brilliant.